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Order by November 1st to receive the Nov/Dec GGbox.  See full order cutoff and shipping schedules below.

Do you love to cook?  Or do you have a friend or loved one that is always in the kitchen?  Then we have the perfect products for you all wrapped up into one package!  Gadget Goodie Box is a subscription box service shipping the best and/or new to the market kitchen tools and gadgets directly to your door every other month.

About Gadget Goodie Box:

Each GGbox will have two to three kitchen tools/gadgets that are themed or similar in nature. For example, in the summer we may focus on produce and send a few gadgets dealing with fruits or vegetables. Included with your tools will be a HKS recipe card featuring some of our favorite recipes that utilize your new tools! We will also have more tips, recipes and videos on your GGbox gadgets featured on our blog each time we send out a box.  GGbox members will receive emails throughout the year with coupon codes for other featured products as well as the opportunity to save on our Specialty Summer & Holiday GGbox Editions. It makes the perfect gift for the cook in your life...or lets be honest...for yourself too!  Cooking is fun and gadgets make it even better and certainly easier.  So get back in the kitchen armed with the tools to conquer any meal.  You can thank us later.

How it works:
Honeycomb Kitchen Shop has curated a total of SIX boxes for 2018 and will ship a box directly to your door every other month. Simply subscribe to GGbox at anytime.  You will be charged upfront for the first box.  After the initial shipment, you will be charged at the beginning of the month that your GGbox is to arrive (see our full ordering and shipping schedule below).  If you wish you can cancel your subscription at anytime.  You will only be charged for the boxes you receive. Just want to try it out or need to send a co-worker a gift?  Customers also have the option of buying a single GGbox.  Our one-time purchase option is perfect for those occasions when you need a fun, unique gift. 

Plan ahead for your one-time order or new subscription by ordering by the cutoff dates below to ensure your GGbox arrives on the intended date: 

Order Cutoff Date
GGbox #1 12/20/17
GGbox #2 2/25/18
GGbox #3 5/5/18
GGbox #4 7/2/18
GGbox #5 9/4/18
GGbox #6 11/1/18
Full Charging & Shipping Schedule 2018:

- Initial payment is charged when you first signup for your GGbox

Charge Date Shipping Date
GGbox #1 1/1/18 1/15/18
GGbox #2 3/1/18 3/15/18
GGbox #3 5/1/18 5/15/18
GGbox #4 7/1/18 7/15/18
GGbox #5 9/1/18 9/15/18
GGbox #6 11/1/18 11/15/18