Mason Cash

Mason Cash "In The Forest" Mixing Bowls

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Over one hundred years of earthenware history is ingrained in every Mason Cash mixing bowl; inspired by 19th century folk tales these ‰Û÷In The Forest‰۪ mixing bowls are coated in earthy stone colors, animal patterned exteriors and features bright white interiors.åÊ

Hedgehog Bowl -åÊ8-1/4‰۝ diameter, 1.25 quart capacity

Cane Rabbit Bowl-åÊ9-1/2‰۝ diameter, 2.15 quart capacity

Owl Stone Bowl -åÊ11‰۝ diameter, 2.85 quart capacity

  • Chip resistant construction
  • Use to mix breads and cakes or serve fruits or a salad
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Freezer safe